Gabriela Rojas is a San Francisco based fine art photographer. She graduated from the SCAD with an MFA in Photography. Her photographs are the result of an intense exploration, where common everyday objects are seen with a unique point of view, which brings out their most remarkable qualities. It is exploring its most intimate details. Once an image has been made, the following image is created in reaction to the first like the continuation of a road. Positive and negative spaces create forms that are somehow recognizable for some and/or totally non-recognizable for others. 


  • BG Magazine Clear Issue. Art work selected for “Visual Gallery” section Six page spread. Cuenca, Ecuador January 2007
  • Tangible/Intangible II Solo Exhibit sponsored by the International Bienal of Cuenca - Bienal Internacional de Cuenca), Cuenca, Ecuador April 2006
  • Art work selected for sales and rentals at the SF MOMA Artist Gallery, San Francisco, California March 2003 - December 2006
  • MFA Thesis Exhibit Tangible/Intangible Iocovozzi Fine Art - Savannah, Georgia January 2002